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Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness

Welcome to Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness, my name is Sifu Joe Susans and I am the founder of Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness "Welcome".

I named the school after the Phoenix because its an amazing story behind the mythical creature and I believe in what it symbolises.

The Phoenix (FengHuang) symbolises virtue, foresight and devotion

The Phoenix derived from the combination of the first two mythical Phoenixes - the Feng which was male and Huang that was female - to symbolise a harmony of Yin and yang and when combined it is representative of opposite forces meeting into a union that produces harmony and balance.

The Phoenix is a good omen and stands for loyalty, honesty and longevity and with high morals and decorum represents justice, peace and prosperity.

The spreading of its wings exhibits virtue and grace to whoever witnesses it. It signifies divine beauty, teaching all to do the right thing, standing for humanity and justice.

Its body symbolizes the six celestial bodies. The head is the sky, the eyes are the sun, the back is the moon, the wings are the wind, the feet are the earth, and the tail is the planets. Its feathers contain the five fundamental colours (elements): black (Water), white (Metal), red (Fire), blue (Wood) and yellow (Earth). It is believed that the bird only appears in areas or places that are blessed with utmost peace and prosperity or happiness.

Why us?

Welcome to Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness, I thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Here at Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness we strive to help you achieve your goals be that in perusing a study in martial arts or from getting rid of a few pounds to furthering your fitness. We are here to help!!

3rd Dan Black belt (Chinese kickboxing)

Fully licenced with MAGB association.

DBS checked.

First aid.